Happy Chicken

At Lakkis Garden we know how to make our girls happy. We provide our chickens with full access to clean air under the sunlight all day long, the healthiest dietary feed composed of sprouts, dry and green seasonal herbs, a good water supply, plenty of space, &predator protection.

Every chicken usually needs 2.5 square meters to get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that she needs. At Lakkis Garden pastures, Every chicken has 10 square meters in average, where she can spread her wings, play, dig for insects, and get all the vitamins, minerals, omegas, and proteins, she needs to lay the best eggs quality ever.

At Lakkis Garden pastures, we take good care of our girls feed. Our hens are definitely worth the best chicken feed.

Our hens feed is a full nutritious diet composed of sprouts, seasonal green herbs, dry grains, and all what the chicken desire to eat direct from our pastures.